Launch of Beskydys' wooden bowties onto the Czech market

Media Relations

The goal was gets BeWooden to the Czech media widely, literally everywhere. At the beginning of the year 2013 they were start-up and Public Relation didn’t run at all. Our goal was push them step by step to the well know media and made from no name wooden company label with great hype.

The Solution

We started with strong storytelling. The young man - Ctirad Sara - (22) handmade wooden bowtie from village Chlebovice in Czechia. The strong storytelling has been supported by a non traditional product from Czechia and had huge respond - reached 208 media outputs until 2018.We got BeWooden to the media as Forbes, Maxim, Esquire, Playboy, Prima TV, TV Nova, TV - Česká televize, Hospodářské noviny, Lidové noviny, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marianne, Marie Claire.

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208 media coverage

2MIO CZK gain media value during the 2015

4MIO CZK PR value grown up during the year 2015

50 % CZK PR value increased during the year 2015

6 years cooperation together

115 meetings with journalists

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